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COVID-19 & Mercury Retrograde... does 2020 have an attitude problem?

Wow! What an ‘interesting’ year 2020 has been so far; and we’re not over yet!

Back in March, I was a full-time professional working in the civil service and was looking forward to some well earned time off after organising and successfully running a high profile event in Westminster, London.

Roll on nine months and I find myself on the cusp of a different world...

I am a qualified Reiki Master Practitioner, a professional tarot reader, I've started writing a book and am working towards a counselling qualification. Looking at that incredibly powerful sentence, I'm struck that all my dreams and goals were primed and ready to seize the moment that lockdown (the first one) offered.

But I'm aware that 2020 hasn't been the sun-washed playground of opportunity for all of us. Believe me, it hasn't been all sunshine for me either; I am still working with an incredibly talented counsellor, alongside reiki, tarot and meditation, to clear the blockages of childhood trauma and to live with several 'chronic' health conditions. But I realise these are just a few of the colourful paving stones on my path right now.

What about you? I doubt 2020 has turned out quite like anyone could have imagined a mere nine months ago, but have you taken a moment in all the madness to reflect, to look over your shoulder at the landscape of chaos that was January to September?

I can highly recommend it. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, curl up under a nice warm blanket, maybe with a notebook or just your thoughts, and invest a little time in yourself. Think of it as a pit-stop or pulling into your spiritual petrol station.

How are the tyres looking? Are you losing a bit of traction as we steer into the autumn corner?

If you have a little more time and courage, how about an impromptu MoT? I know my oil could definitely do with a change!

Why not have a look at my current offers and treat yourself to a little soul-pampering with some Reiki?

Or maybe pause and have a tarot reading with me over a cup of tea?

Or even if you're curious about anything here, do drop me a line and I'd love to have a chat about what might be appropriate for you.

Channelling my inner Eva Longoria... you're worth it!

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