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Customer Care

I promise to respect you and to hold space for you as a valued customer.

I do this regardless of your gender identity, racial identity, ethnicity, cultural identity, religion, beliefs, social or socioeconomic status, age, etc.

PLEASE NOTE DISCLAIMER: By participating in, requesting or reading my services, website or blog, you acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychologist, counsellor, lawyer or health care professional and that my services do not replace the care, legal responsibility or professional skills of lawyers, psychologists, counsellors or any other type of medical therapy or advice. Out of honour and respect to myself, my practice and you the client, I will at all times exercise my best professional efforts, skills and care.  However, I cannot guarantee the outcome or any given reading efforts and/or recommendations on my website, blog or newsletter. My comments about outcomes - both written and verbal - are expressions of my personal opinions only.

All readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.

Your reading will be given, communicated and shared only with you and always with the utmost respect for your confidentiality.  Where a client has a truly extraordinary experience or reading, I will ask if they are comfortable in sharing that testimony on this website. I will always respect any wish for a client to remain anonymous or not to share their experience outside the reader/querent relationship.

I will not do in-depth or what I deem to be irresponsible readings regarding finances, legal or medical matters.  I have the utmost respect for these professions and those who practice them. 

I cannot accept requests for readings or treatments from clients under the age of 18.

Privacy & Safety

My name is Robert Russell and I am the sole operator and owner of the Scarab Therapies website, which provides tarot readings and reiki treatments.

You can reach me directly by email at I endeavour to answer all communications within 24 hours of receipt, but if your communication is urgent, please state clearly in the title of your email and we will contact you within 12 hours.

The only information collected or held will be that which you give voluntarily as part of your purchase transaction and/or when you choose to opt in to newsletter registrations solely from Scarab Therapies.

I do not set any cookies. I do not have any connections to or work in any capacity with any ad server companies.

Should you provide me with any personal contact information in connection to any purchases you might make on this website, I will not store or share your contact information separately.

Should you subscribe to a newsletter from, your information will remain strictly confidential.  I do not and will not give out, share or sell personal information to any third parties. I do not and will not send out spam communications from or relating to this website.

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