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Hi. My name is Robert and I live in Kent with my lovely wife and our mad cat. I am a Reiki Master Practitioner and Tarot Consultant. I have had a relationship with Tarot since I was a child and have been working with Reiki since 2019 (although it wasn’t until I began my formal training that I realised that I have actually been working with energy since childhood too).

Since the first lockdown in early 2020, I have been transitioning from corporate life and finally made the leap, setting up my own practice - Scarab Therapies - in late 2020. Up until now, my practice has almost exclusively consisted of online or remote Tarot readings and distance healing with Reiki. I have been extraordinarily blessed to have had some wonderful clients and truly life changing experiences and reviews.

As we (hopefully!) approach a return to a normal world, I am really keen to extend my practice out into the world and start seeing clients face-to-face more regularly.

Previously, I have enjoyed a rewarding career in HR as a recruitment and training manager for a large UK company and also in the public sector. I am also a trained Mental Health First Aider (MHFA), trained by MHFA England. Now I see that my whole life is about helping others and am told I do this best with my wonderful gifts. I strongly believe that my whole life has been about helping people realise their potential, seize opportunities and live their best lives, only the settings have changed; interview room and training room have become reading space and treatment room!

I have always been sensitive. As a child growing up in a very haunted flat in London, I do remember the moment I realised that mine wasn't a 'normal' home; not every home is haunted and that mine was occupied by a really active and unhappy energy. I used to practice the 'speed run' from my light switch to under the duvet and with good reason. As I grew up, I learned to protect myself and I began to sense and understand the unseen world more, taking those sensitivities out into the 'normal' world with me. Another memory is of my mum catching me deep in conversation with someone at the kitchen table when I was running late for school one morning; she couldn't see the person I was talking to. Embarrassing! While a lot of my childhood was scary, I look back and see it as an incredible blessing; it was a time of learning and deepening connections with the spirit world.


My primary tool for conducting readings is my trusty Tarot deck. I am an extremely instinctive and flowing reader; I will often not think about a choice of spread, rather let you - my client - or my guides and the cards steer the reading. However, I also love doing a broad reading for a new client as I find it is a wonderful way to get to know someone and start a truly meaningful conversation. After an initial assessment of the cards, as my connection with you deepens, I will start to receive messages from my guides and insights into your situation clairaudiently (hearing), clairvoyantly (seeing) and clairsentiently (sensing or knowing). This can be anything from feelings, smells, thoughts, emotions, physical touches or pains to hearing or seeing messages. Since becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner and receiving my attunement, my connection with spirit and the Tarot has grown beyond my wildest expectations! I am amazed and so incredibly grateful for this wonderful gift and my deepening relationship with the universe.

I am naturally curious and inclusive in my spiritual beliefs and think that we all have gifts to be awakened and developed. I also believe that we all have our guides, spirits and angels; they're all ready to help teach, love and protect us; we just need to ask them for help. While Tarot is at the core of my work, I use crystals, a pendulum and my psychic sensitivities to strengthen my connection with Spirit and share their messages with my clients.

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