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How can Reiki work under lockdown settings?

This is a fantastic question! In short, nobody quite knows. However, it seems to make sense to me. Let me explain why... Reiki is energy. Everything is made of energy. So, everything is connected and able to contact and commune with everything else. In practice, I can tell you that it is even more wonderful, miraculous and baffling than that! I have shared Reiki with friends around the globe during 2020 and we have all felt its warmth and experienced its beautiful healing. If you're still not sure, why not try it for yourself?

How do distance tarot readings work?

It is my experience that as with Reiki, time and space have little effect on the strength or accuracy of a tarot reading. i have read for friends in the United States, with astonishing accuracy. In fact, my first reading during lockdown was for a customer via Etsy in Albania. She said she was shocked by my accuracy!

I'm interested, but not sure.

I totally appreciate that until you have had a reading with an authentic and skilled tarot reader, you may well be skeptical. This is why I'm offering short, quick consultations as well as longer more in-depth readings. If you find that none of the options on offer are quite right for you, please don't hesitate to drop me a line and we can have a chat or messenger exchange about what might work best for you.