a tool for living

I tend to think of tarot not as a 'thing' or even a tool for consultation; it is a conversation waiting to be had.


Through my lifelong relationship with tarot, I have grown to think of tarot as a group of 78 different voices or aspects of our own selves.

When we consult the cards together and invite these characters to step forward and speak, I believe that they they either speak independently, offering their own opinion of and advice on the situation you consult them on.  However, more often than not, I have found - both for myself and for my clients - that the cards are alive with character and humour, none of whom are shy in coming forward!  I have lost track of the number of times when I've given a reading to a friend or client and the cards soon say quite clearly "no, we need to talk about this today instead".

I also believe that the tarot are a window into yes, our soul, but fascinatingly, also into our subconscious; so it seems unsurprising to me that they are able to help us see a little further around the corner than we could without them. 


Tarot can see where you've been, what is influencing you right now and what might be around that next corner for you.

I'd love to host this conversation for you between you and the tarot.  Why not see what others have said and maybe see if there's anything that suits you today?

I promise you it'll be an amazing experience!