Here is just a little of the recent feedback I've received from clients...

"I’ve always been sceptical about having my fortune read but after a discussion with the lovely Rob about tarot and how they work I felt totally at ease with letting him read my cards. Rob was professional and honest the whole way through. After the reading he offered to follow up with an email, carefully explaining what each card turn could read for me. Rob even offered to take me through an uncertainties. I took his offer up of this to tell him the reading was spookily accurate for my current personal situation. Thank you Rob for changing my mind about tarot and the after care you’ve provide. I will definitely be back and would 100% recommend." 

(Michelle, distance tarot reading, July 2020)

“Robert is an incredibly empathic soul who was able to connect on a deep level, naturally pick up on and give validation to the most important issue I had at this time. Thank you for the reading, I feel empowered in my future steps thanks to your reading.”

(Petra, distance tarot reading, November 2020)

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