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Here is just a little of the recent feedback I've received from clients...

“WOW Robert! Before the Reiki I wasn’t able to walk more than 4 steps before becoming breathless and needing to sit down. I just went to get more water and had quite a walk around without getting breathless!

Thank you Robert and Reiki!!!

You were so accurate on so many things that you’ve blown me away! 
My sincere thanks to you have so much to offer the world!" 
(Brenda, England, March 2021)
“Your description of what’s going on with my energy is very accurate.
I’m booking a follow-up session now!”
(Patricia, Illinois, March 2021)

“Amazing distant healing which I felt straight away. Pain relief, calming, relaxed and clear headed after healing. My dog was very chilled out after also receiving healing too. Just what's needed in these times of uncertainty.  
If you're feeling stressed out or tense or just to pamper yourself with some healing to uplift you.

Will definitely purchase again and have recommended to friends and family. Thank you.”
(Marsha, London, March 2021)

“The things Robert picked up on were so accurate! One particular message brought me to tears, this is something that I have been struggling with for so long and hearing that was really empowering and resonated so much!

Thank you so much for this Robert, as I definitely feel a lot lighter and grounded than I normally do.
Keep doing what you do! It is wonderful. :)”
(Zara, West Midlands, February 2021)

“The information really resonated. Hopefully will feel the benefits soon.”
(Carly, Brighton, Jan 2021)
“Really helpful and cleared up some doubts. Thank you.”
(Bailey, Bristol, March 2021)
“Brilliant reading which was spot on. Very punctual. Excellent communication.” 
“Follow on from a previous reading asking for a more in-depth understanding on a specific matter. Communication brilliant, friendly & prompt.” 
(Dawn, Plymouth, February 2021)
“It was a wonderful reading, highly accurate and very helpful. He was very clear and interested in what I had to ask.” 
(Charlotte, Australia, January 2021)
“Stellar experience! Everything was above & beyond my expectations. Thank you for being up in the wee hours in the UK to deliver such a personalized birthday reading for someone in the States! I appreciate your care with this gift.
Robert, you're so awesome! Thank you for everything!” 
(Jenna, Oregon, December 2020)

“Robert is an incredibly empathic soul who was able to connect on a deep level, naturally pick up on and giving validation to the most important issue I had at this time. Thank you for the reading, I feel empowered in my future steps thanks to your reading.”
(Petra, distance tarot reading, November 2020)

"Rob was professional and honest the whole way through. After the reading he offered to follow up with an email, carefully explaining what each card turn could read for me. Rob even offered to take me through any uncertainties. I took his offer up of this to tell him the reading was spookily accurate for my current personal situation. Thank you Rob for changing my mind about tarot and the after care you’ve provide. I will definitely be back and would 100% recommend." 
(Michelle, England, July 2020)

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